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    Established in 1906 - Complete land records of Dallam and Hartley Counties

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    Title Insurance - Underwriting - Abstracts - Closing & Escrow - Home Equity Report - Plant Records

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    Phone: 806-244-4962
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    Phone: 806-244-4962
    Toll Free: 888-463-4962

Dalhart Abstract Company

Services & Rates


Title Insurance

Our underwriters are chosen for proven fiscal strength and stability. While all title premiums are set by the Texas State Board of Insurance, we strive for competitive pricing by eliminating additional fees.


We offer title insurance on all promulgated forms to serve your customized needs.


Closings and Escrow

Our experience coupled with technology provide you the very best service in real estate closings. 

Bi-lingual Services

Notary - free notary services.

Title Runs

An alternative to lender based title insurance.


Plant Records

We own and maintain complete land records to sovereignty of soil for Dallam and Hartley Counties.

Research - our comprehensive tract books, which date to sovereignty of soil, are continually updated and available for research.

Property History - our staff is available for individual property searches.